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Welcome to It's Out of This World Science.

Our universe contains objects and processes far beyond what we can even begin to comprehend. We can only stand in amazement at its vast array ranging from innumerable stars that fill the heavens to the incredibly complicated processes of life found even in the simplest of cells. The Creator's signature is everywhere and the print of his finger is evident in the world's design.

A proper understanding of science is an important step in knowing how our worldview is influenced by what we hear from friends, experts and the media. Knowing the limitations of what science can and cannot do and is critical to grasping truth about the world.

IOTWS is an organization dedicated to teaching both the Bible and science. Our goal is to come along side parents, teachers and church leaders to provide an extra resource to help educate those under their teaching with an understanding of science principles and how they relate to the bible.

You are invited to browse this website and investigate the programs and resources we offer. All questions and comments well come please send an e-mail using the Contact Us page .

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